Highspeed Sailing. Emotional Racing. Great Champions.

Best of sail racing. The next level in technology. Purely made for adrenaline sailing!


Close action, engrossing battles, slick commentary, short races, legendary skippers and all starting on time. Passionate teamwork. Innovative sail racing catamarans. Full speed ahead!


This is one of the most spectacular sailing styles of the World. With the new Formula-1 of sail racing. We present real sailing action extremely close to the spectators and media.


The Champions Race with short course racing in our Sailing Arena would be a significant promotion for any city, region, resort locations and sports culture. 


The event can bring fresh life to the city lakes and port regions. We create a festive atmosphere around our Sailing Arena.


The highlights of the Champions Race .......

  • It is a Race of Nations! With the world´s best sailing champions.
  • With ultra fast full carbon 20foot foiling catamarans.
  • Events in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East.
  • Racing in the Sailing Arena extremely close to the beach, pier or esplanade. 
  • Top Image with athletic sailors and artistry double trapeze foiling catamarans.
  • We start exactly on time between 1-30kts. Perfekt for live TV, video stream and spectators!
  • Global media distribution to 160+ Nations (high return on investment for sponsors).
  • Activation and promotion in the most important markets worldwide. 
  • Event- and team sponsors can decide where to race (strong focus on their target group).
  • High emotional guest- and VIP sailing program for sponsors, friends and media. 
  • Fair, green and lean event philosophy. 
  • Great social program and party life. We will rock the race!
  • Maximum sailing action and fun...........